Spitt’n Lyrics

‘Spitt’n Lyrics’ is a sub Membership of The CJ Dennis Society created especially for Primary and Secondary Students to encourage their exploration of, and expression via, poetry.

The name came about from a discussion held with our current Society President, Daan Spijers who expressed the view that students are exposed to poetry on a daily basis, albeit not recognised in that form but rather as ‘Rap Music’.

Lyrics of these songs are nothing more than poetry recited to music when you think about it and it is through this understanding we hope students will gain an introduction and insight to the charms of CJ Dennis’ time.

We encourage older CJ Dennis Society Members to consider the students music and use of Rap as inspiration to allow them a ‘behind the curtains’ view of the world (through younger eyes if you will) and to see the students current joys, concerns and hope for their future.

Above all we hope that by giving the younger generation a specific forum, more students will explore expression and creativity via poetry and that we will see this through Spitt’n Lyrics Membership as well as increased entries from Primary and Secondary Students in our CJ Dennis Poetry Competition held each year.

If you would like to join Spitt’n Lyrics please download the Spittn Lyrics Membership Application.

We look forward to your involvement!