The Toolangi CJ Dennis Poetry Competition & Festival 2020

This year’s Poetry Competition was successful and had the most entries ever, which was approximately 200.

Due to Covid we couldn’t have our festival therefore we are announcing all of our winners online. A hearty congratulations to everyone for participating and for our winners a double congratulations.

Once again, due to Covid restrictions, we have been unable to get our Anthology printed on time therefore we will be sending prizes to the winners and as soon as the Anthology arrives we will post all participants a copy.

Thank you everyone for having faith and entering in this difficult year. A very big thank you to our Judges who have taken everything in their stride and chosen excellent winners as well as all of those who assisted behind the scenes.

From Jan and Sharon, we wish you a happy and Covid safe Christmas. Watch out for more CJ Dennis Poetry Competition announcements in the new year.

Jan Williams
The Singing Gardens of CJ Dennis, Toolangi



Category 1: Open Poetry

Shelley Hansen, First Prize, My Singing Garden

Brenda Joy, Second Prize, In a Mangrove World

David Campbell, Third Prize, The Lesson We Must Learn

Brenda Joy, Highly Commended, Deluge of The Plains


Category 2: Open Short Story

Shelley Hansen, First Prize, No Flies on The Sentimental Bloke

Gwen Pascoe, Second Prize, The Jogger

Bill Bean, Third Prize, There Was Once


Category 3: Poems Written by Adults for Children

Shelley Hansen, First Prize, School at Home

Brenda Joy, Second Prize, Hanging Out

Caz Goodwin, Third Prize, Feeling Sick

Susan Hancy, Highly Commended, Possum Problems

Kevin Pye, Highly Commended, Just Imagine


Category 3: Poems Written by Adults for Children as Judged by the
Poonindie Community Learning Centre

Carolyn Foreman, First Prize, Taking the Shortcut to School

Di Scotte, Second Prize, Fright Night

Sharon S. Rushton, Third Prize,The Woods at Night


Category 4: Primary School Students

Taesha Korsten, First Prize, Seasons

Shria,Shah,Second Prize, Flames of The Forest

Eleni Quinn Chapman, Third Prize, CJ Dennis in the 21st Century

Chloe Lee, Highly Commended, The First Human

Nelson Whippy, Highly Commended, First Love


Category 5: Secondary School Students

Natalie Barr, First Prize, Brush Strokes

Natalie Barr, Second Prize, Letter for The Earth

Tessa Quinlan, Third Prize, Black Rain Falling